Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Back to Normal

Well, antibiotics are a good thing. The Boy is back to his old mellow self, mostly, and am I glad! The last month has pretty much sucked, with first teething, then the flu, then teething, then an ear infection, still teething though. And to top it all off, my milk supply is low. Anyone know any good ways to boost milk supply? A friend of mine told me to drink a beer a day for a while, and that should help. Sounds like fun! ;)

I really want to BF The Boy until he's a year old, it is SO much cheaper than formula, and much better for him, as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Deb said...

Oatmeal always seems to help for me. :) Glad he's feeling better

Kim Smakal said...

Hey there, there's a product out on the market call More milk or Mother's milk. LLL recommends it. There also a supplement you can take. Fennel something or other. Lord it's amazing what you forget. I'll e-mail my mommies list and see what the real names are.