Friday, April 22, 2005

The most excitement in my day...

came when I was retreiving our Great Golden Cat Henry from under the bed so that Dear Husband could take him for his allergy shot (i'll get to THAT later) and somehow I managed to drive a sliver into my finger. Oh, did I mention that the location on my finger was UNDER MY NAIL? was most annoying, not nearly as uncomfortable as one my imagine, but enough so to send twinglies up my finger. It was probably about an eighth of an inch long originally, but when I first tried to remove it, the part extending from under my nail broke off....yeah. real fun. A half hour later, which involved nail clippers, tweezers, and a sewing needle, I got the blasted thing out. Not too much damage done, and I can still type!

If you are still saying something like "allergy shot for a CAT?", yes, our cat Henry, all 17 glorious pounds of him, has allergies...not just sneezing, mind you. Oh no, his allergies cause Asthmatic Symptoms. He starts wheezing and hacking like he has a fur ball (the first time he did this, we had him x-rayed because we thought he'd swallowed something), and it just gets worse and worse until he gets his Magic shot. We actually have a prednizone (pretty sure I spelled it wrong) perscription for our cat, just in case. So, basically, I have a cat with asthma. go figure.

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