Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The ankle, The Boy, My parents

The ankle is doing much better. If I'd been asked Friday night how long I'd be out of commission with this thing, I'd have said at least two weeks. It hurt that bad. I couldn't bear to put weight on it for 24 hours. By Sunday, I was using a crutch, but Sunday night, a cane (my grandmother's, who passed away in '96). Today, with the help of an ankle brace, I'm walking without assistance, although slowly and carefully. I think I shall be nearly good as new within two weeks of the sprain! YEAH FOR ME!!

However, The Boy had a little cough last week. Over the weekend, it turned into a juicy cough, with sneezing and lots of icky fluids. So, I took him to my parent's neighbor, who is a pediatrician. The boy has a double ear infection. yeah.for.me. This morning, when I got him up, had to be one of the most grotesque moments of motherhood so far: his nose was actually glued shut....with, you know...stuff. And BOY! was it fun to undo that. He really enjoyed it, not. And, he apparently is teething his upper canines to boot. Great. His last ear infection came when he was teething his top front teeth....i wonder if it is connected?

My parents have been great. My dad went with me to take The Boy to the Doc, and my mom has changed diapers and helped me feed him...and just done general fetching type things that help me out. And I'm really glad they get this time with The Boy,being that we live a good two and a half hours from them and they don't get to see him as much as they'd like. However, there are some things that drive me batty and I will not miss when I go home: the main thing being that my mom smokes, an though she smokes outside when the baby is awake, otherwise she is inside. And all of our stuff will reek of smoke and I will have to do mega loads of laundry upon my return home. That really sucks.

Okay, that's all I've got for today. Besides the fact that my mom has been having dizzy spells, and is completely convinced it is due to the house they've lived in for 12 years, with no other such symptoms. crazy.

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