Thursday, May 05, 2005

Busy Beez

We are going out of town this weekend and I have not accomplished much of what I had wanted done by now. Here is a list of things I need to do before 4pm tomorrow (for your viewing boredom!):

  • Get stuff for the killer bean dip I'm making for a party made up of many people I've heard a lot about, but never met.
  • Call my aunt and find out if I can drop maternity clothing off for my pregnant cousin (twins! good grief!)
  • Go through maternity clothing and find out what she will actually be able to use and what she won't. Initial all tags.
  • Get laundry finished, both ours and The Boy's.
  • Pack clothes, for us and The Boy.
  • Pack baby food, baby gear, baby stuff, baby stuff, baby stuff.
  • Buy a birthday gift for a friend who's birthday was a week and a half ago, but we knew we wouldn't see him until now. hehe....sorry Pete!
  • Oh, and Mother's Day Gifts. eek!

Okay, I think that is all......I feel like a chicken with my head cut I guess not much worse than usual.


ieatcrayonz said...

Killer bean dip? What kind of party is this? You don't know them, but you're already trying to take them to the mattresses? :P

Isn't it amazing how long it takes to get ready now? I spend way more time on the kiddo than I ever did on myself.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I have sooo much to do today too - my parents are taking Princess for the night and I have to get her ready...yet here I am blogging!