Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Tired Day

Well, my sister surprised us with an overnight visit last night, drove the three hours Tuesday night and left this afternoon. She watched The Boy for us while we ran our "mysterious errand" that some of you know about. It went well, but we haven't heard any results yet. It was so good to see her, and The Boy enjoyed it as well!

Unfortunately, I only managed to get about an hour and forty-five minutes of sleep last night due to a combination of me taking a nap in late afternoon yesterday, being anxious about today, and having a slice of birthday cake way to late in the evening, and then my son waking up crying because he was hungry because he hadn't eaten much during the day because he's had a cold and teething! (yes, two more have appeared on the bottom, overnight, making the total count= 8 teeth before 9 months of age) ughugh. However, it has been an exciting week in the life of The Boy, details are over there (at his blog).

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