Sunday, June 26, 2005


Tagged! Memory Lane....
Ivy tagged me forever and a day ago (okay, just under two weeks ago) and I've been crazy busy or stuck in Slow Internet Land, and so haven't gotten to it. Here it is, sorry it took so long, Ivy.
What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

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Let the game begin
1. I miss having no fear. I'm not sure if this was the niavity of childhood or a change in the times, but I could go play in the woods behind our house for hours and no one needed to worry about me. I never was really afraid to be alone at night outside until I got to college, and I resented the loss.

2. I miss being able to completely lose myself in my imagination. Around seventh grade, I had an obsession with Lakota Indians (I was not your normal seventh grade girl), and I would play for hours pretending I was an Indian warrior (can you say tom-boy?)

3. I miss being SO excited for Christmas that I couldn't possibly sleep at night. Christmas was always a big deal at our house. During the normal year, we didn't get a lot of extras, but my parents went all-out for Christmas.

4. I miss the campground where we spent the summers. Our family wasn't rolling in dough, but we kept a modest camper-trailor all year at an RV park on a small lake. My great-aunt and uncle lived on the lake, and so we could go visit them. No motorized boats were allowed on the lake, so we fished by row-boat. The lake was very shallow, crystal-clear, and had a great sandy bottom. It also had a clay-pit that we would dig in and cover ourselves with clay. We could play all day and my parents new we were safe because everyone knew everyone else up there.

5.I miss being only responsible for myself. Although I absolutely love having a family, I am quite independent by nature. As a kid, I used to go on my bike and not come back for hours. I loved it. I could ride across town and back and never hit and major highways, and it was a nice little town to bike in.

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