Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Camping Practice

Well, we did a bit of camping this past weekend, it was good practice, since we were only fifteen minutes from home. This was our fist time camping with The Boy, and so we weren't sure how it would go, with naps and all, being that we were using a tent. It actually went remarkably well. I think the trick was that we ran an extension cord into our tent and kept a little (but loud) fan going, and I think it sort of drownd out all the other noise in the camp ground, so he could sleep better. At least, that's our theory.

We're actually doing a fair amount of camping this summer, as we are doing two more weekends and an entire week (borrowing a pop-up camper for that, though).

The Boy also got to spend time with his betrothed (joke!), as we camped with our best friends who have a girl who is six months older than him. She's walking, so I think she feels a bit superior to him now, but he still has her by several pounds. I could tell he really liked her, since he would lunge at her and laugh (like he does with our cats!). Yeah, Lily wasn't all that thrilled with that. I've never seen him do that with any other baby....so I'm not sure if he's trying to impress her, or what. We'll work on it. When we go camping for the week we'll be with them as well, so hopefully he'll be over that by then! Let's hope, anyway.

Well, besides the normal stuff, not much is going on here except that I'm beginning to plan for The Boy's Birthday Party, at the end of August. Wish me luck, as planning things is pure torture for me.....I just didn't get that gene. I will be adding an Amazon wish list to The Boy's web site if there's anyone out there who feels compelled to get him a gift!! haha...just kidding (mostly!).

Have a good day!

Oh, and I'm looking for a good home for the hamster...any takers?

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