Tuesday, July 05, 2005

How embarrassing...

Apparently, there was some meet and greet that I wasn't aware of. I recieved a bunch of visitors, but unfortunately, had not updated in a while due to circumstances ITRW. Sorry folks, please come back to visit, as I won't be gone again until August!!

In recent news:
We traveled to our old stomping grounds this past weekend for a family reunion on my husband's side. We spent the weekend with my father-in-law (PawPaw Eddie) and his wife, Sue. It was a good weekend, and I learned how to make it for a whole weekend with one change of clothes and make-up samples....yep, WE FORGOT TO PUT MY SUITCASE IN THE CAR.. ..only me, folks....it could only happen to me. So, two days without my makeup, two days without my hairdryer and brush, two days without my THYROID MEDICINE!!!! Yeah, I'll be feeling it any day now....overall it wasn't quite as hard as I'd expected, but I was unhappy because we had to spend money we really needed for other things. ugh. I actually had to go shopping and I didn't want to...figures, right?

We did take The Boy swimming in the lake that PawPaw Eddie and Grandma Sue live on, and that was very nice. He like it quite a bit once he got used to the it. You'll see in the pictures that I have a shirt on....yeah, I swam in a shirt and some old swim trunks of Eddie's...why? BECAUSE MY SWIMSUIT WAS IN MY SUITCASE BACK HOME!!! Really, I'm not bitter. The swimsuit thing was the worst part, I think. I love the water, and the very idea of not being able to go into it was torturous.

So, I am back home, with my own clothes and my own beauty necessities. yeah for me. I'm off to update The Boy's page before my relatives send out a mob after me ;)
Bye bye!

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