Friday, August 12, 2005

Games People Play, or just Games True Plays...

True Jersey Girl opened up a Pandora's Box yesterday by offering to do memes for OTHER PEOPLE. Since we are all a bunch of self-absorbed wierdos, poor True was flooded with requests. Here are the questions she asked.

Here are her responses for me:

Redhead Mommy:
- Redheaded Woman by Bruce
- Cherry of course
- nothing, again
- another conservative Christian reading my blog? Now this is downright odd.
- dragonfly
- Would you ever consider dyeing your hair?

By TrueJerseyGirl, at 3:01 PM

True: how DARE you call me conservative!!! argh....I am a liberal Christian, thank you very much! And no, NEVER NEVER NEVER will I dye my hair. Unless it goes white and looks really bad. Then I will start the fruitless hunt for dye that is the same color as my hair....something I have yet to discover.

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