Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My week at a glance

Gearing up for the birthday shindig......nothing major, just my family, husband's family....but planning is involved nonetheless. I'm not very good at planning, it just doesn't come naturally. I still have to call and see who's coming for sure and check out pricing on barbequed pork....oh yeah, and buy plates and napkins and plastic forks and order the cake. So....not much, right? hehe.

We had to take Isaac to the doctor yesterday because he was crying inconsolably for twenty minutes....something he's only done once before, and we took him to emergencey. He has had some atomic diapers of late, has a diaper rash to beat all as a result, and is very unhappy. Doctor says it's probably the molars that look ready to bust through any day (but not in those exact words). His poor gums look really bad. Hopefully Isaac will be over this...whatever this is...by this weekend.

Hello Tylenol and Motrin.....they'll be our best friends for a while, me thinks.

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