Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Day!

Yeah, a snow day for my dear husband and break for me, too! And do I need one after yesterday. The Boy was a whirling, tantrum-throwing, dervish, and it almost sent me over the edge. Here's how it went: Isaac would pick up/get into something he knew he wasn't supposed to, Mommy would say, "No Touch!", The Boy would then engage his selective hearing, Mommy would stop/put down whatever she was doing, The Boy would then make a bee-line for whatever Mommy had put down, Mommy would then turn around and say, "Isaac, no touch! No no!", The Boy would ignore her, Mommy would then go and make sure The Boy understood that when she said "no touch" she really did mean it, The Boy would then start crying/whining/throwing a tantrum as he realized and disagreed with the fact that he is indeed NOT the king of the universe, five minutes would pass, rinse and repeat. It really is a recipe for insanity. eek. And all on four hours sleep on my part (insomnia). yea motherhood.

But, today he is pretty okay, and I have help, so all is right with the world, again.

(Incidentally, this picture is taken from my parents' house, where there is always beautiful scenery, but especially after a snow storm.) Posted by Picasa


Spring said...

Gorgeous picture. I wanna live there!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

oh yes, i remember those days, no sleep and cheerful children!!!
we had snow here too, enough to make everything all white and bright.

ieatcrayonz said...

So beautiful. I love snow as long as I don't have to drive in it.

Yeah, the "no touch" thing is sooooooo fun. I'm definitely starting to channel my apathetic side. It's so tiring.