Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ah, he's finally asleep...

...let's see how long this lasts! Actually, I feel bad for him, the poor kid. He had a stomach virus over Christmas (and gave it to me), and so he didn't feel good while we were traveling and busy. He got over the stomach bug, but is still having really nasty diapers (TMI, i know, but that's what you get for reading Mommy blogs!), and with it really bad diaper rashes that appear within an hour. Also, since sometime after Thanksgiving, he's been waking up (on and off) in the middle of the might crying. I go in, and there's nothing wrong that I can see, but he just wants to cuddle with me. He doesn't jabber at me, just lays his head on my shoulder and cuddles. Albeit adorable, the 3 a.m. thing isn't so cute. I think he's having nightmares. They are definitely not night terrors, as he is fully awake, looks at me, stands up, puts his arms up to be held when I come into his room. And now, he's only sleeping for an hour to and hour and a half total during the day.

Three nights/days of this has pushed him past his limit: he fell asleep at lunch today, again. I think three days of crappy sleep, plus the fact that he and I have recieved colds from our dear friends who where here for New Year, have done him in. So, he fell asleep in his high chair, I take him to his room, change his dipe (as he nods off some more), and then when I place him in his crib, he screams like he's possessed! I had to let him go, it took about twenty minutes of slowly diminishing screaming for him to wind down to sleep. blek.

Buy the way, my dear husband got the cold, too. Except, his body doesn't really get sick, so his version of the cold is an evening of feeling "not right", a few sniffles, and that's it. jerk. i love him, but still, jerk!


Spring said...

Poor kid.

My husband and I are also sick, and my husband is like yours--he gets a milder case of whatever I have. For example, a week or so ago, I started off with some major breathing problems, hearing loss, and now I'm mostly just coughing. My husband? Straight to just coughing. No breathing troubles, no hearing loss, no dizzy spells.

Yeah, he's a jerk too. lol

Susie said...

Sick here, too! My husband usually gets "sick lite" too, but this virus hit him pretty hard as well. I hope everyone there is well and getting good rest soon.