Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Man, am I old or what?

It's eight o'clock...I'm ready to go to sleep now. good grief. part of it is Isaac's new found sleep issues, which might be tied into the fact that he is indeed working on his 2 year molars (Dr. confirmed swelling back there), or that he's just going through a mysterious "something", and we'll just have to let him cry it out....he's much more angry now than he was at six months. MUCH.

The Camomile Calm worked great the first day, and then seemed to have the opposite effect. It wired him. So we had this over tired kid, a half hour before bedtime, who was completely wired and going non-stop. So, $15 down the drain. grrr.

I realize that my blog has gotten rather boring, but I just haven't had anytime for complex thoughts lately. This kid is running me ragged. Tell me why I wanted ANOTHER??

If I wasn't taking my Bible class at church, I'd have no complex, adult thoughts all week. I mean, I talk to my husband, but we are both so tired out by the time The Boy is in bed that mostly we grunt at each other. We need a date, me thinks.


ieatcrayonz said...

Yes, I believe a date is in order.


Susan said...

I'm with Crayonz--have a date! And talk about Grown Up Things, like . . . umm . . . okay, I'm sure you can think of some. I cant seem to come up with any.

And congratulations! I hope you feel better soon.

Amanda Cowan said...

Great read! Michele sent me.. I've been stalking her blog list. I'm from www.icemycake.com, I'm also a SAHM (a one-year old girl and dreams of more..). So excited about your second one and hope that you're all feeling better soon! I'll be back!

Mrs. Fun said...

I just found via an old comment on my blog.
i doubt your blog could be any more boring than mine ,LOL.
I got you bookmarked and i'll blogroll you when i'm not so lazy.