Sunday, June 18, 2006

this was too interesting to pass up

I got this from Mainline Mom, enjoy.

I know-that God exists, and that he loves each of us.
I believe-that no matter what, He has a plan for my life.
I fought-to avoid the person I could easily have become
I am angered-by selfishness that ruins others' lives.
I love-deeply.
I need-self-discipline.
I take-my role in our home very seriously
I hear-my husband and one of our best friends playing Ghost Recon
I drink-a lot of milk.....mmmmm, milk.
I hate-arrogance
I use-Dove soap only.
I want-to own a house
I decided-to never insult my husband, especially in his presence.
I like-spending time with my husband and the rest of our family.
I am-looking forward to our daughter's arrival in September.
I feel-pregnant. very pregnant.
I left-behind a lot of housework to come visit with friends
I do-ask questions a lot.
I hope-to teach my children to love God and love people.
I dream-of having a dog one day
I drive-just fast enough to show my rebelious side ;)
I listen-better than I used to, but I still need improvement.
I type-because my mother forced me to take a typing class in high school. Thanks, Mom!
I think-I have a fantastic husband
I need-more patience and wisdom
I wish-I could rewrite some sections of my life
I compensate-by acting tough. I don't do a good job.
I regret-when I've hurt innocent people with my own selfishness
I care-about people who are hurting, and animals.
I should-be more motivated.
I am not always-very feminine.
I said-I would be a working mom. I am, but I don't get paid ;)
I wonder-about the lives of people I was once close to, but am no longer.
I changed-in my thinking about gender and how girls are treated.
I cry-much too easily, and hate every minute of it.
I am-strong willed and somewhat rebellious.
I am not-a girly girl.
I lose-my patience with my son too often.
I leave-my house messy way too often.


Chief Slacker said...

"I am-strong willed and somewhat rebellious"

*Points to the red hair*

I think that's in the job description for redheads ;O)

Mainline Mom said...

Hey thanks for participating! Great answers.

Redhead Mommy said...

Slacker: yeah, I do have a very typical red-haired personality. it's a curse, it's gotten me into more trouble than good, that's for sure!

Tracie said...

What a great list!!

OddMix said...

The redheads in my house seem to bear out the "redhead personality" theory. Nice answers.