Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm a bad Mommy

I just realized that my son turned two nearly a MONTH ago, and not a word did I say!! Bad Mommy, bad! Actually, we had a three weekend-long celebration, since we had different family memebers each time, and celebrated his birthday each time. I've finished off this pregnancy with much cake and cupcakes!!

August was such a whirlwind that I barely noticed it go by, but these last three weeks have made up for it by dragging like nobody's business! I will try to post a couple pictures birthday celebrations tomorrow. If I feel better. Right now, as I count down to my c-section on Thursday, I think I am getting sick. I'm congested and keep getting hot flashes. Hopefully, it's just allergies. But with my luck, I probably have typhoid. I hope it doesn't interfere with the delivery! I need this baby OUT of me!


sometrouble said...

oh boy, two more days! Is it nice knowing exactly when the baby will be out...instead of wondering when and where you'll be when you go into labor? So excited for better be a good mommy and show us some pics of the new one as soon as you're feeling better too!

ieatcrayonz said...

I was thinking that there was another two-year-old birthday I missed. So happy birthday, sweetie!

Here's to the next birthday that comes along. Can't wait to see pictures of her!

Mainline Mom said...

Oh oh oh!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! (I hope)