Monday, November 13, 2006

She smiles

I love to see the first smiles. When Isaac first started smiling, his smiles seemed peaceful and calming (see him in the orange pumpkin hat at two months). At least, that was my reaction. Lydia's are different. When she smiles, it's all joy and merriment. Like she's heard the best joke ever. It's wonderful, and yet so were Isaac's. I wonder if those first smiles, and how they make us feel, are any indication of what their personalities will be like as adults? I sure would like to think so.

And since Blogger sucks, and I've tried posting pictures three times with no success, here are some Halloween pics as well. Isaac was a VERY excited purple dragon, and Lydia was a "Red Hot" chili pepper!

Remember to check out my Flickr account for more up to date pictures. It's easier to post them there than at blogger.

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