Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad Dish Network, BAD!

Here is an email I just sent to Dish Network, our satellite TV provider. Tell me if you think I over-reacted:

I'm writing in regards to a commercial that aired Monday night on ABC Family during the A Year Without a Santa Claus. This ad began with a close-up of a muscular man, who appeared to be flexing his muscles into a mirror. As the camera panned backwards, you could see that this full-grown man was wearing a bra, a slip, and heeled pumps. This is completely inappropriate for airing during children's programming. I was watching this with my young son!! Luckily, we had digitally recorded it, and I skipped over the commercial as soon as I realized what it was about. I do not feel that I should have to explain to my son why a grown man is wearing women's underwear because of a commercial he saw during a CHILDREN"S CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. I'm disgusted that I even needed to write this letter. Please, in the future, take more care as to what commercials you are airing. We are very responsible parents, and pay close attention to what our children watch on TV. Since we can't always edit the commercials ourselves, further occurrences of inappropriate commercials could very well lead us to taking our business elsewhere.

Thank you,
Redhead Mommy

Of course, I didn't sign it Redhead Mommy, and I also removed my blog link from my email signature ;)


sometrouble said...

I don't think you over-reacted at all. I think someone should consider that before they air a commercial during a children's program. It is bad enough that most the commercials for unhealthy foods and expensive, obnoxious, toys are targeted directly at the kids...so that they will beg parents for those things until the parents can't take it, and give in. Kids don't need to see things like that as well. It is too often an uphill battle between parents and the commercials their kids take in.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you! I am in the process of drafting a message to Dish and the History Channel for showing this ad yesterday while my 8 year old and I were watching Ghost Ships. Not only is it innapporopriate during kids/educational programming, it is just a downright creepy commercial. What possessed them to ever create this in the first place?

A Dad

Anonymous said...
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Redhead Mommy said...

A Dad: Good luck with that....Dish network passed the buck to ABC Family, I complained at ABC, since ABC Family had no way of contacting them. Finally I wrote to the FCC and haven't heard back. I really don't want to go to the AFA, but I will if I don't hear back.