Monday, January 01, 2007

Ah, the sweet quietude

I'm not sure that is a real word....but let me tell you about what has transpired here in the Redhead Mommy household since about the December 19th:

Isaac dear had been getting progressively worse about staying in bed. Finally, that Tuesday night before Christmas, it took TWO AND A HALF HOURS to get him to bed. When my husband got up the next morning at about 5:30 am to get ready for work, he felt compelled to check on The Boy. The Boy...he was not in his room...nor on the first floor....and then there was a crash from the basement that sent all felines running upstairs. Terry went down stairs (dark, slippery, basement stairs) to find Isaac sitting beside our portable table saw PLAYING WITH A BLADE. (He was unharmed)

But, let me recap what happened....our two and a half year old son, in a pitch black house, opened his door silently, and closed it silently. He then proceeded down to the main floor in the pitch black of early morning in Michigan. Finding nothing of interest there, he made it to the basement door,turned on a light,and made it down old-wooden-previously-painted-and-potentially-slippery-stairs safely to find amidst several hazardous chemicals, a table saw with loose blades sitting on top of it.

This boy, he has no fear. And. That. Terrifies. Me.

So, that day, we began something called First Time Obedience. Which means, the first time he disobeys us, he is disciplined. No chances, no warnings. You know what? It works!

It wasn't an overnight fix, but there has been a definite improvement in his behavior, obedience, and staying in bed! yeah for us!


Undercover said...

Holy crapola. Maybe you need to tie him down to stay in bed? I only say that because finding your kiddo playing with saw blades is freaking scary!

Redhead Mommy said...

Well, we have begun booby-trapping his door with a babygate so that we'll definitely hear him if he leaves his room.

There has been some suggestion of locking his room from the outside, but I cannot bring myself to do it.