Monday, February 26, 2007


There were several more disgusting titles that popped into my head when I thought about this post, but, well, I was kind. Isaac had a stomach flu last week, a few isolated vomitings, and then, well, you know....the other end. But, over all, not bad, he kept fluids in him, actually he woke up several mornings demanding water. Sunday we knew for sure he was over it....and then Lydia started puking, and her temperature kept going up, despite Tylenol. I had to nurse her for five minutes every half hour for four hours, then I increased it. I was up every 2.5 hours last night. Diarhea started yesterday afternoon, so between the puking and that, she ran out of sleepers. Last night her temp was 101.7, this morning it was 102.2, but she wasn't puking anymore. Her temp seems to have dropped this afternoon, but I haven't taken it yet, so I'm not certain. I did talk to our pediatrician, who said that apart from keeping her hydrated, there isn't much else to do, and that while 102.2 is a high temp, it isn't dangerously high.

Really, it's been the temp that's been unnerving me. I can deal with the vomit and all that stuff, I went through it all several times with Isaac last winter, but the high temp on a 5-month-old, that makes me nervous. Hopefully it's dropped.

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