Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I think I hab a code...

Nothing like a spring cold. Sinus conjestion, plugged ears....yeah, that's good stuff.

In other news: Isaac and Lydia had well-baby visits are the stats:

2 years 7 months old
3' 3 3/4 "

6 months old
28 1/2 "
20lb 10oz
17 1/2" head

The doctor said Lydia is the size of an average 1 year old. Isaac....still gigantic.

This concludes my completely mundane blog posting. Thank you and have a nice evening.


susan said...

Oh getting a cold stinks! I hope it's short lived.

I love those baby pictures...Lydia is just like a baby doll!

Anonymous said...

i feel the need to leave a completely mundane comment, easy for me:)