Sunday, March 25, 2007

Six Months

Six Months
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Well, she was actually six months old last Wednesday. But, since I didn't take the picture until...hmmm....Friday?...well, at least I remembered.

I cannot believe she is already six months old. She is just beginning to sit up on her own, and has rolled onto her side a couple times. She in mostly 9-12 month clothes, and we just started her on cereal (yet another thing I almost forgot about!). She wasn't thrilled, but we'll keep trying.

Everyone says she looks like me, but every once in a while I can see her face getting a little less round. I wonder if she'll look more like Terry by the time she's a year?

My biggest worry for her right now is hip dysplasia... which is when the hip socket is not deep enough for the ball joint. It is common among breach babies, and while her doctor has kept a close eye one it, I've noticed her leg roles are not as symmetrical anymore (which is something they look at, so don't laugh!) This week both she and Isaac have their well-baby check-ups, so we shall see.

Otherwise, she is a pretty happy baby, but when she is cranky or upset, there is no cheering her out of it. Typically, if you want to see her smile, you have to work for it. Everyone, that is, except me, cause I'm Momma. hehe.

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Ivy said...

Can you believe these babies are 6+ months already?????? Wyatt will be 7 months on the 1st of april!!! I cant believe it! Time flies when you are having fun.. You know he hit 6 months and stopped sleeping all night.. He only weighs 14lbs 4 oz but eats like a moose! he has however grown 5 inches! So they are not worried he is steadily growing.. He is in a 3-6 months due to the fact that 0-3 is too short for him.. 3-6 months is still bulky on him though..

Your lil one is so adorable! Cant believe its been 6 months!!!