Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On the Move



I honestly didn't think Lydia would crawl. I thought she was going straight to walking. My mom says that kids will always make a liar out of you...she's right. It now appears that Lydia is realizing that she doesn't have to sit all the time. She can get from sitting to stomach and scoots herself around in a sort of circular-backwards direction. As she tries in vain to reach out for something as she's moving away from it, it's obvious that this is the exact opposite from what she intends to do. But at least she's moving a bit, right?

Isaac is clearly as fearless as always. What I'm not showing you here is the very steep bridge that posed a bit of a problem, but no one was hurt...he just jumped off at the bottom. His only area of caution seems to be pools. We took them both to a public pool last night. He clung to me like a monkey, nearly wrapped around my head, while we waded around in the shallow end of the kiddy pool, which is only 2.5 ft. deep. He could easily touch bottom with his head above the water, but it took a good twenty minutes to convince him of that and to unwrap his limbs from my head. Once he got used to the water, he was okay. He doesn't show the same fear in ponds and lakes where he can wade in. I wish he did, just a little. As it is, we'll be taking a life-vest with us camping next week.
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Mainline Mom said...

Nathan's experience with the pool was very similar, but now I can't get him out when it's time to go! I bet Lydia being on the move makes your life harder, but honestly right now I'm ready to skip straight to that stage with Alex. Sooooooo tired.