Thursday, August 23, 2007

Up North

We spend a week camping in Northern Michigan every August with some close friends of ours that we don't see much anymore. We bought a new enormous tent this year that really worked well. That, along with the fact that we had a dorm fridge running inside it made the trip very nice. S

We spent some time in Mackinaw City, but that evening wasn't fun....bad time of day for the kids, so we ended up going back on Friday to actually have some fun. Isaac looks sweet and serene here....looks can be fooling. He was into everything, and picture taking, as you will see, were a challenge. But, no matter the frustration he brings, I love that little man, and he's making me the best parent I can be.
Lydia had her own place in foiling our plans of fun. This was how she looked throughout most of the evening, including dinner. I think she was experiencing some intestinal discomfort, since she's never like that.
Oh yes, the family picture. Isaac was talked into sitting still, Lydia had just stopped screaming, and Terry and I were barely holding it together. I'm so glad we went back on Friday and made some good memories, it was worth the extra drive.
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Mainline Mom said...

super cute family photo!!! Boy Lydia is tall too, huh?

Anonymous said...

Dorm fridge, huh??? Really roughing it when you camp, aren't you!!! :)

Carmi said...

They'll remember moments like this forever. Kudos to you for making the extra effort to ensure they happen.

Cool that you were right by the bridge! I've never been on it, but I've read about it extensively, and saw it from 37,000 feet when I flew over last May.