Sunday, April 26, 2009


Lydia is in full two-year-old mode now. Conversations go something like:
"I want to......(fill in the blank).."

"No, you can't do that because...."

(Super whiney voice) "But I WANT to..."

And even though she does understand some reasoning, she often won't accept it.

However, she also has some amazingly cute moments, more than less, and she is over all pretty easy to handle. She also seems to be the family comedian, however she did not intend to apply for that position. She's very serious abouther work, and doesn't mean to be hilarious, and yet she is. She's speaking in full sentences, and has somre really great logic skills, like putting together a stream of events and making sense out of cause and effect. I recently cut her hair off, and although it went a little shorter than I'd meant, I really like it on her, it suits her perfectly. It will also be great for summer because it's off her neck.

She was listening to an airplane overhead when I took this shot, very serious and intent on her task....typical Lyddie.
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