Thursday, May 14, 2009

The one where I vent because I just don't know what to do with Isaac next year for school...

Isaac is a first born boy with a late birthday. For anyone with school age children or in education, you know what this means when I bring up the dreaded word: kindergarten. He's improved significantly this year in preschool, partly from excellent teachers, and partly from being taken off all dairy products. (that would be an entire other post.) However, I am pretty sure he's not really ready for kindergarten. Not academically speaking, but socially. However, he has many friends, older and younger, who are starting kindergarten next year. I went ahead and scheduled a kindergarten round-up appointment for him....and then proceeded to change my mind a thousand million times in the last two months. I had actually decided not to take him, because I thought for sure he'd be in preschool again next year, and threw out the paper work. Only to change my mind again and go, doing the paperwork there. His preschool teachers think he needs something more than preschool, but our district does not offer a Young 5s program. The district directly to the south does, and so I have filled out the appropriate paperwork for inter-county school of choice, but I won't find out until July or maybe even August if he'll get in. Just to cover all the bases, I have paid the registration fee for preschool next year, and I have him registered for kindergarten at a school in our district. I know that I just need to wait until we find out from the other district, but there is a part of me that continues to worry over the decision (that I don't even have to make at this point) over which would be better for him, two years of preschool or two years of kindergarten? The teacher that worked with him today at round up said she thinks I should put him in, but she is a younger teacher and I'm not sure I agree. She seemed to think it was no big deal to repeat kindergarten, but I certainly remember when I was that age and a kid didn't make it to first grade. I think it could stick with a kid, depending on his/her personality. However, I think Isaac is just oblivious enough to not care. But I'm not certain....about anything at this point, hence the rolling stomach and the bitten nails and the increased distraction. Good grief, this is just kindergarten....what am I going to do when the REALLY big decisions come up?

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Susie said...

This is a tough one. I know you're praying for guidance. Whichever way you go, he's going to be fine. He has a Mom who's taking the time and energy to agonize over such a thing; that means he's safe and well-loved. All the rest pales in comparison.
One of my daughter's good friends (who is happy, well-liked and an excellent student) stayed in kindergarten for two years. She thought she was there as an example and helper. To this day, (age 13), she refers to that year as the year she was in "super-kindergarten," a higher-octane year than the one before. It's all in the presentation.