Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hoya Blooms



Well, Tuesday when I was watering my plants, I noticed something strange on my varigated hoya, besides the vine of pure white leaves. At the end of a long, mostly leaf-less vine was a cluster of what looked like....could that be flower buds? Since when do hoyas get flowers? I've never heard of such a thing. I called my sister, who is in the plant industry and she'd never heard of it either. I called my mom, from whose plant I'd taken the clippings to make mine, and she said that recently she had found little flower buds on the area below her plant, but hadn't seen them on the plant or open up at all. I sent some pictures to my sister so she could see, and she was amazed, for several reasons: 1) because she had never heard of or seen flower buds on a hoya and 2) I can't keep anything green alive for very long, let alone take care of it so well as to get it to bloom! I mean, I kill ivy on a regular basis. Nothing else I have that is supposed to bloom has done so in over a year....I'm really horrible at keeping plants, and now my hoya has flower buds. Amazing.

And so, typical me, I researched. Turns out, hoyas bloom when they get a lot of sunlight, which mine does. Also, they buds don't always bloom, especially if the plant doens't get enough water during this time, or the plant gets moved or messed with a lot.

I immediately gave it more water, and this morning when I woke up, four of the twinty-five buds had opened! Yea me!

And why am I getting so excited about a common house plant? Because I am desperate to focus on something that doesn't revolve around my kids. Even it's blooms on a common hoya.
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sometrouble said...

My grandma has a giant hoya...she's had is since before I was born, I think. It blooms all the time, and the flowers smell really sweet, especially at night. Enjoy it!