Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Seasons of Change




Well, the summer of pure craziness is at a close, and we at the Redheaded Mommy household are looking at some big changes for this school year. Isaac turned FIVE last week. I cannot believe that my baby boy is five....he's officially a kid now, no longer even close to a baby or toddler....sniff, sniff. However, I can't say that the toddler phase with him is something I'd ever want to repeat, or wish on my worst enemy, so five is pretty good, after all! He'll be attending half-day Young 5s this fall, and although it makes me sad and nervous for him, I know he's going to love it! We go to meet his teacher tomorrow, and he's pretty excited about that. Although I'm shocked at how fast he's growing up, I'm truly delighted to see the person he will be emerging.

Lydia will be attending Tuesday/Thursday preschool and is VERY excited about that. But with Isaac's PM class and Lydia's being AM, it's going to make for some pretty interesting Tuesday/Thursday lunchtimes for us. Lydia will be turning three at the end of the month, and she is....a piece of work. She often cracks us up without ever meaning to. She's our comic relief.

Monday night we got what I've long been waiting for, a family dog. We got her from a local rescue and she's sweet as can be and loves the kids. We named her Ginerva, calling her Ginny. (Harry Potter fans will understand.) She's a five-and-a-half-month-old boxer/shepherd mix. The rescue lady thinks she'll be around 50-60 lb, full grown. I have my doubts. I'm thinking she'll be bigger, judging by the length of her legs. The cats have not so subtlety told her that they hate her guts, but as long as she doesn't try to play with them, they will allow her to live. Co-existence is fine by me.

Simon turned one at the start of the summer, but I think he was fourteen months by the time I got his last monthly shot taken......whatever. Did I mention the ridiculously crazy summer we've had?

And lastly, in the quest to finish my master's degree, I'll be back in the classroom for a couple hours/couple days a week for six weeks. I'm completely rusty and nervous as all get out about this, but I want that freaking master's degree! Then I have one other class, an insanely hard written exam, and another test of some sort and I'm finished!

By next summer, I'll just be ready to sleep for a really long time.

And then it will ready to think about my next continueing education program to keep my teaching certificate fresh until such a time as I can return to the classroom.
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