Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's the unexpected things that are the hardest to deal with

Yesterday morning, as I was floating through that foggy place between sleep and wake, I was surprised by the realization that Mom no longer exists in this world.  I came out of sleep wanting to cry my eyes out. The thing about unexpected occurrences is that you can't plan for them.  They catch you off-guard, when you are least expecting it.  My dad was blindsided by finding one of my mom's hairs caught in the checkbook.  These little remnants of her are still lingering in this world that she has already left. They are the hardest part to deal with, because they catch you unawares, when you think you've gotten the emotional part under control.   And, while we can take comfort that she is in a better place, with no more pain or disease, with her Creator, as we are meant to still doesn't change the simple fact that we miss her, all of us in our own way, for our own reasons. We miss her a lot.

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