Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fun

After school today, we took the kids to a park near their school to play on the train-made-playground-equipment. It was a big hit and really made me miss my SLR camera even more than I already do. My new point and shoot is a decent little camera, but I miss the depth of color the most, along with the crystal clear shots. At any rate, I really liked the train as a back drop, and thought it would make a great location for a senior picture shoot.

Adding to the lovely fall day, all three the kids played happily together exploring the engine (Simon with some supervised help from Daddy!) There were some big drops, but it was really cool to watch them explore.

Lydia, being the social butterfly she is, found two teenagers and started talking with them....leading to a later discussion about not talking to people she doesn't know, because not everyone is nice.

Isaac was most in his element, with all the places he could climb high and possibly destroy himself. He did fine though, and is pretty sure-footed. He definitely enjoyed having a new and exciting place to explore.

Simon was, by far, the biggest risk in taking them there. There were 6-8 ft drops off the side, and lots of ladders to climb. Luckily, he inherited the sense-of-danger gene that skipped Isaac, so we didn't need to worry about him being reckless! He very much enjoyed exploring underneath the locomotive.

And, as the icing on the cake, I got a nice fall shot of the three of them, they all looked at the camera and their smiles were acceptable! I just wish we had more fall color around here this year...poor trees don't know if summer is coming or going! From the look of the trees in the background, you wouldn't know it's October!
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