Thursday, February 09, 2012

My first a "photographer"

Two weeks ago, a young couple we know got married. I've known the groom since he was about 8 years old. He's one of my nephew's best friends and my (sweet) nephew was his best man.  The happy couple did their wedding on a tight budget, and a professional photographer just wasn't in the cards for them. I offered my very new services, telling them I'd do my best by I didn't have a descent flash.

To say the least, it was a great learning experience.  I learned so much. Such as, I need to write down specific shots I want to take because when I'm there I will forget them all. To make sure my settings are correct and to zoom in on my screen to check for blur, because after I get home is much too late to realize the shots weren't in focus. And that shooting in a very high ISO, which my camera appears to do well with, is a great alternative to an external flash in dim surroundings.  I also learned not to count on someone when they say they know a lot about photography unless I know them personally.

I also got a taste of the pressure of a wedding photographer.  If you miss an important shot, you don't get a second chance. There is no, "oh, can we do that again?" at a wedding. You snooze, you lose.

And the editing....I took over 300 pictures, and while some of them are just not worth keeping (see my comment about checking the blur), there are many that are salvageable. I like the one above a lot. The focus is an issue, but I'm reminded that I do have visual art training (art minor) and that my eye for composition is pretty strong.

My technical skills with my camera......let's just say there is plenty of room to grow.

However, I've been approached by a friend of mine, who likes what I've posted on Facebook, about senior pictures.  Hmmmm.......

The idea thrills me, to be honest.  I still feel like a pretender, to be sure, and for someone to like my work so much that they would trust me with senior photos is still surprising to me. ;)  And another friend asked me about pregnancy photos, and infant photos...I get giddy with excitement over the chance...heehee.

So I keep thinking about starting a small photography business...and of course what it would be called, because I love naming things. And then my mind wanders to all things photography.....


Sorry, started daydreaming...heehee.  

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