Tuesday, April 05, 2005

General Musings

Points of interest in my day:

My son (hereafter called The Boy) is teething and not really himself. So, during my aerobics class at church, where this really lovely woman babysits many children for little money, my son cried and cried and wanted to be held and held. This might not have been an issue if both the other 7-10 month olds hadn't been crying as well ::grin::, or the one year olds as well...hehe...so, she gave him some animal crackers to keep him occupied, and I couldn't really blame her. I was a bit amazed, since I didn't think he was ready for that stuff yet, but he seemed fin with them. So, I went home and tried it. Both times he seemed to be mildly choking.....and the second time, Dear Husband was there as well, and very upset with me for trying it (oop!)

I think I will try Biter Bisquits, they are larger and harder, so no choking hazard.

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