Monday, April 04, 2005

The torture of hope

So, my dear husband (DH) and I are pretty poor right now....just scraping by. He is a teacher, so not a huge salary. We recently (a year and half ago) moved over here to the Eastern part of the state for a better job for him and better pay. Not enough pay, however, for me to stay home and us all eat regularly. Also, at least 2.5 hours from all family and close friends, very hard.

Now, the opportunity has arrisen for more money closer to "home". It would be pretty cool, especially the more money and closer to home thing, except that we are finally starting to settle with a church and new friends...ugh. (I sometimes wonder if God has a sick sense of humor) but this is stinking hard not to want with all of my being. We won't know for sure or not for a while, but all I can think about is the stupid hope. sigh.

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