Sunday, April 03, 2005

Oh Joy, Oh Rhapsody.....teething

My son got his first teeth at five months, it was relatively pain free (for us). A little whining, a little fussing, not too bad. Now, two months later, he is apparently trying to push through all FOUR top front teeth at the same time, and NOT having a good time with it. Two have already broke through, but man, is he a cranky little bugger!! He is on a steady diet of infant Tylenol and baby orajel.....and it only seems to be helping marginally. I'm going to have to call the Doc and see if he can have Infant Motrin. I think they have to be at least six months or a certain weight, but since he's rather large for a 7 month old (23+ lb.), I'm not worried about that. And for those of you still wondering if I typed that right, he was was 11lb 3oz at birth, c-section, thank you very much. (and no, NOT overdue, right on his due date!)
I'm hoping tomorrow will be better...
The husband and I have gotten rid or our second car (and second car payment) and so are learning to live with one vehicle, at least for the next few months....wish us luck and prayers!

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