Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I woke up EARLY to shower, I skipped aerobics at church, just so I can be here to receive a call from the appliance guy. Our landlord is getting us a new stove, which is good, since the one we have is Goldenrod colored and makes a funny smell when we use it. He said the appliance guy would be calling this morning to set up a time to deliver it. So, here I wait. If he doesn't call, which I'm thinking is likely, I'll be just a little bit peeved. argh.

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Spring said...

I absolutely hate how you have to rearrange your schedule around this huge four hour block to wait for maintenance people. Most of the time, they don't show up until the very last half hour of the block, or at least that's how it's always been in my experience. I'm sure there's no better way for them to do this, otherwise they'd arrange things to be more convenient for their customers, but still--it's annoying.

I hope you have a different experience though!

P.S. I totally love the name of your site. "Redhead Mommy"...that's great!

P.P.S. Red hair rocks. :)