Friday, May 27, 2005

Ach: All about my hellish week

The reason that I haven't posted since Tuesday, is because starting on Wednesday, the week went severely down hill, culminating in the grand poo-bah of all crappy things to happen to me at the worst of times.

So, I have been working on my cool nephew's graduation party invitations. that alone is not a problem, except that a friend of my sister was supposed to scan and send it to me on Tuesday. Tuesday her computer was puking, so I didn't get it until Wednesday, when I couldn't do anything with it until about 7pm, due to the fact that I was/have been babysitting for a friend of mine all day Wed-Fri, and then i have mommy duties as well.

So, I check out the picture Wednesday night to find that it is all screwed up and then had to convince this lady that NO, it wasn't that the file was too big or that my computer couldn't handle it, the actual file was messed up. So, I get it finally on Thursday, but the thing is, not one of the THREE, count them: T-H-R-E-E programs I tried opening/editing this picture in actually like this file or would play nice with it. All of them acted googy, particularly the actual program I'm using for the invitation, which wants to puke and close down on me each time I open this project. So, last night, I spend THREE (lucky number, I guess) hours trying to edit the picture, paste it into the project, and then actual print the invites.

Did I mention that I have to have 200 printed by Saturday, along with around a hundred envelopes with addresses on them? Did I mention this?? So, today roles around, and I'm thinking, okay, I'll get home around 5pm, take care of the boy, and although I might have to stay up late, I can probably pull this off.

I guess I expected too mucy, because, on my way OUT of the house I was babysitting at, graceful me, while walking down the front porch steps, rolls my left ankle, popping sentations (I swear I heard it too) and all. All I could say was OH GOD.

I can barely make it to the car, my husband then takes me directly to the "Urgent Care Clinic" which should actually be called "The you might as well come here because your REAL doctor is booked through next month and the the Emergency Room will take five hours or more Clinic". I'm the last person in, and oh yes, I do need X-Rays. Well, I didn't break it, but the idiotic #@$% doctor told me I didn't need crutches, never told me how to care for it, and then gave me a perscription of medicine that isn't so safe for nursing mothers. Did he ask to see if I could actually bear weight on my ankle? NO (I arrived and left via wheelchair) Did he notice that my medical form said I was a nursing mother, or did he even ask? NO Did he basically say, "here's your medicine, put a ankle brace on it, and get the hell out?" well, that's paraphrased, but basically, yeah. I'm offended, pissed, and in SEVERE pain whenever I even think of putting weight on it.

My nephew's graduation is on Sunday, and I was supposed to spend the following week with my sister, but no, my mom is coming back with me to help me since I won't be able to take care of myself, let alone my son.

Oh yeah, and did I mention my hair dryer broke this morning, so I couldn't even do my hair? I had to pull it back on top and by the end of the day I looked like a frizzy-haired mad woman. And that's how the doctor saw me. stupid jerk.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.

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