Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yeah, I LOVE Memes!

I was tagged by Brandie, over at The Second Time Around with this one....

Ten Things I've Never Done, But Intend to Do Before I Die:

1) Finish my Master's degree in Middle School Education

2)See Jimmy Buffet in concert

3)Travel the U.S. in an RV

4)See the Grand Canyon (although that might fall under #3)

5)Go on a cruise, someplace warm, preferably.

6)Have the wedding reception I wish we'd had (our's sucked, sort of), maybe for our ten year anniversary.

7)Spend more than a day in Charleston, SC-what a cool place!

8)Go to New Orleans-Anne Rice has got me hooked!

9)Teach my child(ren) to love God and love people

10)Create more long-term goals for myself-this was REALLY more difficult that it should be!

Hm...who to tag??? I think I'll tag Fiesty, True, and...hm....let's go with Guppyman, have fun!

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