Friday, May 20, 2005

Just a worthless rant

So, my husband(a choir teacher)and the drama teacher were in charge of a talent contest at the high school tonight, a fund raiser for the choir program. Your's Truly got roped into being a judge. So, before we went to the school, I also designed and printed the award certificates. Not a huge deal, but you know, they were the AWARD CERTIFICATES. So, anyway, the other teacher that was asked to come and judge was holding the certificates, I had thought so he could keep in mind the different categories. So, at the end, when we are deciding which group gets what (four of us in all) and I notice that Mr. Teacher has taken notes ALL OVER THE BACK OF ONE OF THE AWARDS!!! What the heck?? Now, I fully realize that this is really not a big deal, but COME ON MAN! He took his Highschool Talent Contest Judge Job so seriously that he had to completely ruin one of the certificates that were supposed to awarded that night? ARGH. and he wrote on it knowing full well what it was that he was writing on. Stupid people. ARGH.

Please comment and tell me that I am not a completely shallow person to be irked by this? Come on, make me feel better!

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