Saturday, May 21, 2005

My son likes HipHop Music

So, last night at the Talent Show, there was a group of 8 kids who did a whole dance number to some HipHop song I can't even remember the tune of, but ANYWAY, my son, in his stroller, was bouncing around to it the whole song!! He did not start this until the song started, even though there was music before that. I, personally, am NOT a Hip Hop kind of girl...I'm a country music and Jimmy Buffet, a folk music and Top 40, kind of girl. Basically, I'm a white girl from the midwest. I'm a bit concerned. (somewhat joking) I guess as long as he likes Jimmy Buffet, I can handle it though. And there is hope, the next performance was a country song, and he also bounced to that one, just not as energetically. hm.

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