Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sith Happens-Part II

I LOVED IT!!!! It was so very superior to the other two. The acting was much better-thank you Steven Speilburg (i'm sure i spelled that wrong, sorry). It was so....heart wrenching....I actually cried at the very darkness of sad. I know: Hello, My name is Redhead Mommy, and I'm an emotional sap. Thank you.

Really, it tied up all the loose threads, answered all my questions, and there were some excellent light sabor scenes. All in all, a very good film. And you know what? I don't think he should have made it a PG film. It was a PG-13 film because you got a glance at what the "Dark Side" really means.

Now I will turn my focus to the next Harry Potter book, being released, what? July 16th, I think.

NOTE: So as not to take credit for my catchy title, I totally nabbed it from Newsweek article a few weeks ago. Hayden Christiansen was wearing a shirt that said as much. I MUST get that shirt! Anyone know how? (Sorry, couldn't even find a link)

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