Thursday, June 23, 2005

Home again, home again

Ah, home. No place like it. We've been traveling a lot lately, and although I love seeing everyone, it sure is nice to return to home base. You know, I never really got homesick, never really missed people, until after I got married. I mean, it happened on the rare occasion, but rare was the key word. In fact, I can only remember two times in my life prior to marriage that I was either a)homesick or b)so sad to say goodbye that I cried. I've just always been the independent, what's next? kind of person.

Now, if I'm away from The Husband for more than a day, I'm missing him. When I was at my parents' house for a week after spraining my ankle, it was really hard, especially the last few days. I just don't like to go without him anymore. So, even though I'm "home", home to me is really where my husband is.

Tomorrow is our five-year anniversary, and he has something planned for me, along with dinner at a really nice restaraunt. Not sure what to expect, but it should be good.

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