Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happiness has returned....mostly

Well, I'm happy to report that The Boy is napping much better now, and along with napping better, his nose isn't nearly so runny and icky. That and the fact that no new teeth have yet appeared makes me think he had a bit of a viral infection, one of those awful summer colds that hangs on forever (or three weeks, but it FELT like forever!).

He still has little fits when he realizes that he isn't allowed to touch everything his little boy heart desires, but that's okay, they aren't full-out temper tantrums. I'm sure those will reappear in time, though.

All in all, we are having a good time at Auntie Michelle's, and once I'm home there will be pictures on his blog. We were doing a lot of biking, but my tire blew out this morning, and I had to walk about four blocks home...there just wasn't any other way...it did't bother my ankle too badly, though, so that's good. I guess I'll be replacing my tires when I get home.

Have a good day!

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