Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Same ol' same ol'

Not much happening around here worth reporting, plus, I've been in an anti-internet kind of mood...rare, but true.

The Boy is still sick/teething, whichever it is, its a pain. Last night was the first night since Friday that he actually slept through the whole night.....ugh.

I'm going in tomorrow to have my foot looked at by an orthopedic doctor.....turns out that I know two people in my tiny realm of influence who both do not like The Doctor Who Blew Me Off....so, I'm getting a second opinion, since my ankle/foot doesn't seem to be getting better anymore.

And, if you'd like something to make you smile, or cringe, take a look at this.
My husband left that on the computer for me to check out....haha. I think he's getting ideas since we just got our bikes out and bought The Boy a new set of wheels to go with us.

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