Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MIracles really DO happen

Be very quiet, don't say a word, but if you look over my shoulder, you will see The Boy playing alone in his Pack n Play, while I finally get to catch up on my blogging. You see, the miracle of this is that he has flat out refused to play alone in his Pack n Play for about two weeks now. It's like he forgot how when we were at my parents' house. And with him learning to crawl, it has been harder, because he doesn't prefer to be penned. I'm fairly certain this won't last long. I'm pretty sure The Boy has developed Object Permanence, and so he is not liking when I leave his presence AT ALL. My boy who used to play happily by himself while I got stuff done now screams like a banshee when I walk away from him....ARGH!! so frustrating.

The dr. I saw this morning said that I had sprained my ankle badly, but that now all he could do was offer me some physical therapy to help build up the muscles. He said I tore a tendon? or something like that, and it's just a matter of letting it heal now. I'm not sure how much the PT will help, but we'll see. I don't go in for a week and a half though, because we will be out of town YET AGAIN. However, I do plan to keep up, although there won't be any pictures for a few days!!

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