Monday, June 06, 2005

A trip to the Beach

It was so hot here yesterday (near 90, and like this all week, typical Michigan!), we took The Boy to the beach.
What a good time! At first, I wished I'd brought my bathing suit, but then when I saw all the skinny, pre-baby, girl bodies running around in their bikinis (i'm not bitter, really.) and I was glad I hadn't. I made the comment to my husband, "Rarely will you see a Mom wearing a bikini that is so low on the hips. Those things don't cover the stretch marks." And then I consoled myself with the very cute baby sitting in front of me, having all those new experiences, and I know it's worth it. :)

And I will go swimming soon...very soon. I can't stand being that close to water and not being in it. One of the major consolations to living so far from friends and family is living on the coast of a Great Lake, which I'll take any day over the Ocean: no salt water and no sharks or jelly fish. What more could I want?

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