Wednesday, June 08, 2005

How cool is this?

Some of my writing got featured at this BlogCarnival site. I still don't understand the whole Trackback thing (I know, I'm such a newbie), so I was curious when I saw there was a trackback to my beach post on Monday. I'm not sure what importance this might have for my humble little blog, but I'm certainly honored! Tell me, oh blogosphere, is this a big deal?

In other news:
my summer cold is hanging on quite tenaciously. I felt much better yesterday, but today I've felt that awful, near head-rush feeling all day long. My asthma is joining the party, too, so that makes for a good time.

However, after a trip to my chiro, my ankle feels better. "What? How does a chiropractor help a sprained ankle?" you might ask. Don't worry, I asked the same thing. I took The Boy to see him Monday, and he (Dr. Ben) scolded me for not seeing him when it first happened. And I said, "Now, WHY would I think to call my chiropractor after spraining my ankle??" He admitted that was a good point, but then explained that if you set it right away, it heals much faster and doesn't swell as much. It apparently hurts a bit when you catch it right away, but it didn't hurt at all by the time I saw him. He basically just stretched it gave me A LOT more forward range of motion, and has felt much better over the last two days. Who'd a thunk? I wish I'd known sooner....Dr. Ben did more for me than the stupid doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic. Hmph!

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