Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enough is enough

The specimen has been collected. And I am finished with poop discussions for quite some time now, thank you!

In other news, Baby Lauren's Mommy is buying her some new footwear, and I am oh so jealous! I would love to buy The Boy some Preschoolians, as they seem really great, and, in my opinion, are much more attractive than Robeez! However, our budget does not allow for such right now (I know, I'm stinking poor!), but hopefully I'll be able to save up for some. However, I did feel the need to get him some dress shoes (aka non-tennis shoes) and so we took him with us to measure his feet. Judging by the ever so glamorous sizing chart on the inside of the box, my son needs a size 6, toddler. SIZE SIX, people!! Now, when I got them home, I thought they looked a bit big, but he is in a size 5 right now, and he won't be wearing these for at least a month yet. He jumped two shoe sizes in a summer, people. I think I birthed King Kong.

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