Thursday, September 08, 2005

How could I forget to tell you this?

On Sunday, we went to an open house for some friends celebrating the adoption of children numbers 4 & 5. We were outside, beautiful weather, and Isaac was playing in the grass. A couple times I know I saw him put something in his mouth, but never found anything when I searched. I figured a little grass wouldn't hurt him, right? haha.

Later that night, he has an incredible sneezing fit. I'm serious, around 10-15 sneezes all in a row. On the last one, I noticed something sticking out of his nose....yeah, gross, right? It was the bottom inch of this. Yep, it's a blade of grass. And being the bloggy mommy that I am, I couldn't just dispose of it without getting out a ruler and documenting the whole thing. Sorry, I just had to share.

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