Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The problem with biting...

is that it hurts, darn it! And who wants to be around a little animal that bites? This is The Boy's newest achievement, he bites. Great, I've got a biter. When my nephew was this age, with he same problem, my sister finally bit him back. He cried, she felt awful, but he never bit again. I know, some of you are gasping and rolling your eyes about how awful that is and how it teaches a child that violence is okay...go ahead, but until you've been bitten by those razor sharp little things, you don't really know. And I say, sometimes a child needs to understand how his/her actions make others feel. I won't resort to this right away, but if the stern "no!" and angry face don't do it, there will be other measures taken. I'm willing to have my child cry for a few minutes if it saves him from being labled as "The Biter" in kindergarten. And I don't want anymore bruises, darn it!

I'm open to suggestions, but do not lecture on the dangers of physical ramifications for a child's behavior. Thank you, and good-night.

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Christie said...

Sondra was a biter too... for a short while! I really didn't want to bite her, but after she bit her cousin so hard she drew blood, I felt that was my last option! I bit her (didn't draw blood or anything) But I'll tell ya, she NEVER bit again (and she was BAD up until that point)