Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ohio: Day Five

Woo! Busy busy, but somehow I feel like we haven't gotten much done. Lot's of preparation, lots of things to do, but somehow not much to show for it. Ah well, it usually all comes together in the end. Did I mention we are in Ohio so as to help my sister pack, since she has sold her house and is moving...although not certain where yet, but she has some ideas now.

My son is learning all sorts of tricks and new habits, some good, some not. But, after four days of very poor sleeping, I think we've finally got the boy back on track. He is much less cranky, and not throwing fits when I try to change his diaper...this is a good thing!

He has started mimicking the cats at my sister's house, although it's not "meow", but more like "aooow"!

Okay, tired, and more packing to be done.....I will have some very amusing video of my mom trying to get The Boy to dance, though...stay tuned.

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