Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ohio:Day One

Well, here we are in northern Ohio. It's rainy and cold, and my son must have got lost on the way down, because all we have now is this evil little creature who is into everything and overtired and crabby.

Actually, because he a)didn't get an afternoon nap, b)didn't sleep but maybe 15 minutes en route, c)didn't get to actual bed until 9:40pm (almost two hours past bedtime), and d)did not really sleep in this morning either, he's really messed up. Add to that being in a new house with a dog and lots of new things...yeah, GREAT mix, let me tell you!

However, being the smart little guy that he is, he has learned the signs for both "book" and "milk". They took him one day each. Brilliant, I say!

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Mainline Mom said...

Don't ya just love traveling with a little one? Hehe.